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Come on out for Grand Opening of Core Cryo this Saturday. 10 am to 12pm. Prizes and cryo session giveaways. @corecryo

Listened to @train to get me thru my root canal! I can’t wait to see them and @googoodolls next week @BlossomMusicCtr #mrnosey #rootcanal #Summer2019 #TRAIN

BINGHAMTON: Hang out with Rover's Morning Glory TONIGHT at Water Street Brewing from 8-10 PM. Buy Jeffrey an Irish Car Bomb!

Video issues on site/app/Plus are caused by @vimeo. They double-billed us for the year, and when they refunded one of the charges - it bumped us down to regular plan from enterprise plan. Which is why no videos work. Been waiting for them to fix since 1:45 PM...

Gianna’s debut on @RoverRadio today!! Many of you were with RMG when we first found out I was pregnant and then we heard her heartbeat and now she’s 9 and on the air.. time has flown by! I’m a proud momma!!

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